Our Sewing Workshop
Sewing is the main work in gloves production.  We have experienced workers and managers. They devote themselves to the sewing workmanship for years. Moreover, we possess many advanced equipments, such as flat sewing machine, overlock machine, elastic sewing machine, pattern sewing machine, etc. There are also several steps on sewing.
1. For stitching, we have four main workmanships. They are out sewing, invisible sewing, half-pique and hand stitching.
2. We get the component parts of gloves from cutting workshop and use special sewing machine to do pre works if any styles need embroidery or patterns.
3. Then we match sewing threads color to the gloves according to customer’s requirements. Sewing Starts from thumb sewing with strict controlling of the needle distance.
4. Next workers begin stitching the body of gloves.
5. Semi-finished products inspection. Our inspectors check every pair of gloves for making sure goods are of no holes, stains, color shade variation, skipped stitches, missed stitches, twisted lining, etc.
6. Last one is sealing the gloves on cuff and installing trademarks, care labels. Then we have an overall inspection on finished products.

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